Stefanie Farfan

Mr Cooper


I designed for the team tasked with rebranding Nationstar Home Loans into Mr.Cooper. By giving the brand a new look, we were able to instill warmth and a trustworthy tone to an industry that is otherwise notoriously difficult to navigate. This rebrand included a renaming, a logo design, color design, voice, and internal communications as well as customer-facing communications such as billing statements, letters, newsletters, and more.


We also created a visual identity system that was designed to stand out from the other industry leaders. With Andrew Colin Beck, we created a collection of images that help explain complex processes as well as communicate a friendly and open direction. The illustration-based style is bold, fresh, modern and friendly. The language is conversational, and approachable.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 6.52.58 AM.png
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